Why Do I Keep Writing?

I have asked myself this question more times than I can count. Why do I feel compelled to scribble down words in the middle of the night, while driving in the car, in the few-and-far-between quiet spaces of my life as a wife and homeschooling Mama of eight children?

Writing keeps me waking up to the exquisite beauty of my one-and-only ordinary life. It is the way I understand my world, the way I process marriage and motherhood, the way I find meaning in the rhythms and rituals that add up to my life story. It is prayer. It is surrender. It is absolutely essential.

I offer up these letters as an invitation to join me in the search to find God in everything.

I am raising a house full of curious, creative souls, and I see this same creative fire burning in each of them. These pages are a scrapbook of sorts, an open journal documenting the art, music, words, ideas, and inspirations of The Chester Family. We are artists, we are musicians, we are writers and thinkers, builders and dreamers. We feel deeply, we are inspired greatly, and we were created with a profound desire to think and imagine, make, speak, and share. Pull up a chair and flip through these pages with me, and let’s talk about family, faith, and the creative life.

Hello, I’m Mackenzie.

I began writing in my journals at age 15, and now, at age 40, I share the art, words, and ideas from my journals on my blog and podcast, The Sacred Everyday. I do this wholeheartedly once a week when I get to start the day at my desk, eat all by myself, write and work all day long, only stopping to throw something in a crock pot or nurse the baby. And then I try to live as fully into motherhood and being a wife as I can for the rest of the week. But in the quiet spaces of my mind, I am always working on words. I am always looking for the beauty of ordinary life. I am always searching for something to spark my imagination and looking for flickers of creative fire. These letters are part of that search. I hope you will join me as I continue my search to find God in everything and to live my life as fully-immersed in His beauty as is possible.

Join me?

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Mackenzie Chester

Mackenzie Chester is the beating heart behind The Sacred Everyday blog and podcast. She is married to mad-scientist-musician, Randy Chester, and together, they are raising their 8 children and building a life of faith and creative family culture.